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"Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced." Leo Tolstoi

There is a big difference between a translation and a transmission. The former is when we're given spirit food to eat; the latter is when we actually are able to digest the same food, and actually "receive" the gift of it! Feeling is a lost skill; it went in exile along with the Sacred Feminine, when patriarchal societies privileged the intellect, conditioning us to substitute thinking to feeling. The door to the poisons of desire and resistance opened, and life became miserable in the measure to where feeling loneliness (or any other "bad" feeling) was repressed. Thus we keep on judging what is: "this is Art, this is not Art," which, of course, keeps us tied to the question: why is there evil in the world? How then could we sustainably feel good or "God?" That approach precludes healing, as feeling is healing. Now imagine that a path of collective awakening would design itself in the same way spontaneous way as Art does - directly from the Soul, expressing itself in the measure to which the artist is willing to disappear and simply be a channel... That is what XPR is, the eXPiRing of the false self, to allow for the eXPRession of an eXPeRience to convey the courage to dive into the womb of darkness, and embrace and be embraced by the Sacred Feminine.

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