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Once upon a time, a dreamer came to America – the land of Big Dreams. At the time, she didn’t speak any English, which was particularly difficult as she was primarily a communicator at heart. She started painting, and, lo and behold, within a few years, her work was in public and private collections. That was a shock.

However grateful she was for being the vessel for this uncanny gift, she somehow understood that, unless she got her act in order, none of this beauty would significantly bless the world. She prayed for guidance, and was commissioned to create a giant art project, to be shaped as a global path of awakening, so that anyone who sincerely desired it (including herself) could come to the end of suffering and the fulfillment of one’s potential – in the NOW!

That project lives here. How many teachings, years or lifetimes it took to complete the assignment is irrelevant (and likely to be staggering). What matters is that a path arose that painted and wrote itself into being. Known as “XPR,” it is infused with the wisdom of Leonardo Da Vinci who stated “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.” It was also felt and called by “you,” as you are reading these words now, for you to know your beauty (B.U.T), as you Be yoU to a Tee.

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