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What does surrender have to do with Art? Everything! Think of it that way: what's a writer's block, if not the presence of a will split from the Divine? Whether a musician, a painter, a gardener or a programmer, I am "in the zone," and performing at my best when my ego stop "trying" so hard to control it all! That is surrender, the ultimate key of enlightenment.

We knew that as children: we were absorbed by the action, and free of the action! That single-pointedness is pure bliss, as there are no lies in it, no pretense. Similarly, it was so obvious that, while doing Art, I wasn't here. Yet what was the secret? How could I extend what I knew how to do on silk to the rest of Life, that is, the way I paid the bills, ate, spoke, or interacted with family?

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was asking for a path to liberation from suffering. I was looking for XPR. Brought forth by emPowering NOW, the Path of XPR offers the decoding of a nature-language which is so miraculous it brings me to get on my knees in gratitude, and thank the cosmos for the awe of being alive at this time. It is in turn that heartfelt humility that allows me to hear and obey the dictates of my heart. Once aligned to the One Will, I know what to do (e.g.; exercise, eat well), it is just that, now, I am willing and choosing to

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