Mahalene Louis (Maha, for short) was born in Paris, immigrated to the United States in 1980. She attended French University of Literature where she received her degrees. Her work is included in many influential collections and has been exhibited in Europe, New York, Florida, and Texas.

She actively pursued a career in Fine Arts from 1983 to 2003. Then the "accident" happen. She was now guided to change carrier, and become a life coach, assisting sensitives to live their life as an Art -- consciously.

That coaching departure, however, would have many outcomes. First, the renewed experience that there is only ONE of us, as each session, besides providing some clarity to the client, was also about Maha removing the blocks to Maha to live life as an Art (just like any piece an artist will ever paint is always going to be a self-portrait, every session a therapist will give is always going to mirror his/her own issues). Second, the realizationn of patterns in the collective unconscious, that traced a path to freedom. Third, the recognition of those patterns via the Hebrew alphabet. Fourth, the transmission of Hebrew as granting the Power to choose Peace, the Power of powers! That is at this moment that the Path of XPR was felt as a true labor of LOVE. That journey through the "heART" is traced here.

That is also the moment when a new "heART" exhibit begin emerging: the Song of LOVE.

Mahalene Louis
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