Artist, Author, Mystic-in-Training

Selected Group Shows
2002 Hang with the best. Washington. DC.
2002 Fouth Diocese of Autin Religious Art Show, Austin,
2001 The Art of Worship. Emmaus Church. Austin, TX.
2001 Erotic Show. Lombardi Gallery. Austin, TX.
2000 Membership show AVAA. Austin, TX
1999 "When Boredom Becomes Exciting" Austin, TX
1998 More than meets the I… Laughing at the Sun
1997 Optimum Health Institute, Austin, TX.
1996 Art Judaica. <>
1994 Erotic Show. Milam Gallery, Dallas.
1993 Erotic Show. Milam Gallery, Dallas.
1993 "Circus Tarot." Dallas.
1991 TSA Sculpture Show. Dallas.
1990 TSA Sculpture Show. Dallas.
1989 "Color Statement," WCA. Dallas.
1989 "Indivisibility of Human Kind," Dls City Hall
1989 TSA Sculpture Show, Dallas.
1988 "After Midnight." WCA. Dallas.
1988 Eastfield College. Dallas
1988 TSA Sculpture Show
1987 Dallas Garden Civic Center
1987 Art in the Metroplex. Fort Worth
1987 WCA, Southwestern Bell Show. Dallas.
1987 Laguna Gloria Art Exhibit. Austin.
1987 WCA Group Show. D-Art. Dallas.
1987 TSA Sculpture Show. LTV Tower. Dallas.
1986 Extremes Gallery Winter Show. Dallas.
1986 Texas Neighbors Art Competition. Irving.
1986 Artwalk 86. Dallas.
1986 WCA, D-Art. Dallas.
1985 Dallas Symphony Designers Showhouse.
1985 Artwalk 85. Dallas.

Individual Exhibitions
2003 Children at heART, Austin, TX 78704
2002 Belief/Be Leaf! Austin, (From Violence Into Peace)

2001 Belief/Be Leaf! Austin, TX (The Romantic Dream)
2001 Once Upon A Tree. Austin, TX.
2000 Belief/Be Leaf. Austin,TX.
1999 The Alphabet of Connection. Austin, TX.
1998 Healing Arts. OHI. Austin, TX.
1997 Soulvision <>
1996 Truesilk <>
1994 Architectural Design Center. Tampa. Florida.
1994 "The Physical and the Meta." Milam Gallery.
1991 "Images of the Goddess." Today Church. Dallas.
1990 "Silk n' Honey." JCC. Dallas.
1990 "Hotel Paradise." Trammell Crow Center. Dallas.
1990 "Passover Strawberry Spirit." Kathleen's. Dallas.
1989 "The Ultimate Rainbow." U.M. Church. Dallas.
1988 "Holy Moons." Tiferet Israel. Dallas.
1988 The Heart Center. Dallas.
1987 "Numbers & Letters." Temple Emanu-El. Dallas.
1987 Institute for Aerobics Research. Dallas.
1987 "Sassy Silks and other Marilyn's." Record Gallery.
1986 First United Methodist Church. Dallas.
1986 "violet thread." Salon Gallery
1986 "Timing is the essence of life." D-Art, Dallas.
1986 Irving Cultural Art Center. Irving.
1986 DDJCC. Fort Worth
1986 "Noah's Art." JCC
1985 "Scriptures and Spirits." D-Art, Dallas.
1985 "Magical Garden." Paige Gallery. Dallas
1985 Rock House Gallery. Arlington.
1984 "Beyond the Stars." D-Art, Dallas
1984 "Naturally yours," Bath House Cultural Center..
1983 D-Art, Dallas.


June 2003: I actually turned down an art grant given by the City of Austin, as I was guided to become a life coach and assist myself / others to heal. This journey to restore the light of the soul was unlike any other, crowned in 2016 by the birth of the Path of XPR. re.


2001 Outlook
2002 2000 She Magazine
1999 Holistic Networker
1995 Biblical Archeology Review
1995 Moment Magazine
1994 Dallas Jewish Life
1993 Dallas Jewish Life
1990 Deep Ellum Arts
1989 Alternatives
1988 Inner-Connections
1988 Texas Jewish Post
1988 Dallas Today
1988 Dallas Arts Magazine
1987 Dallas Observer
1986 Texas Jewish Post
1985 The Park Cities News
1985 Arlington Citizen Journal
1983 Plano Daily Star Courier

to the gallery
"S'il te plait, Monsieur, dessine moi un mouton."
(Please, Sir, draw me a sheep.)
Antoine de St-Exupery. Le Petit Prince.

Permanent Collections
Optimum Health Institute of Austin
Quantum Healing Center. Irving.
Congregation Tiferet Israel. Iowa.
Temple Emanu-El. Dallas.
Congregation Beth Torah. Richardson.
Congregation Tiferet Israel. Dallas.
Southwestern Bell. Dallas

1985-on: Studies on world religions and mysticism.
Belief/mind management workshops.
1984 Fashion & Art Institute of Dallas
1979 Psychology. Lyon, France
1978 Literature major. University Lyon II. France
- Classical Literature
- Modern Literature
1974 Graduate French Classical Literature. France

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