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Mahalene Louis
emPowering NOW LLC


This is why I have come, this is what propels me to do art, to enter through my media and with my fellow beings another world of enhanced Freedom, Peace and Kindness. This other world is just a color away, just a belief away, ready to be visited at any time, not a promise only but an immediate choice, and sublime, O so sublime!

In this vision, art becomes an increasingly purposeful process, a technology to bypass the complexity of the ego's dreary limitations. Such is the power of sacred art, that it can enchant and unify the self beyond ambivalence, and therefore joins people together, on the other side of race, religion, gender, or any other frame for argument. I see my work as a bridge between languages and minds, a kaleidoscope in which the various pieces creatively rearrange themselves in unique patterns from the same beneficent source.

Thus I work with silk, the most flexible medium I know, with the vision and (I am told) the effect of triggering all the senses and opening multiple gates of awareness. Because art is born of inspiration from the abstract and imaginative realms, I recognize the contemporary artist's task to ground and redirect those primeval patterns of apparent chaos into intelligent and compassionate service to humankind. Thus can the artist, the voice of transformation, earn trust and a hearing.

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