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Precious Prices

These works of "heART" are offered as a most precious gift. Granted that it takes more energy to paint a piece that is 4'x6' than it does to paint a piece that is 8"x10", granted also that there is less "work" in a print than there is in an original, beauty - and therefore value - is in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, you are invited to clarify your Sense of Enough, that is, what the perfect monetary exchange is for you to offer to receive the full gift of the silk that picked you. Provided your offer matches my Sense of Enough, the piece is yours and always meant for you. This meditation is thus a most significant step toward Self-Knowledge, one that will push (y)our buttons, as it asks you and me to break the chain of conditioning that is tying us down, a FEAR solidified by the greed that has infiltrated the collective, and therefore also lives in me and you.

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