Belief/Be Leaf! From Violence into Peace,
There are at least three ways to go through the installation...

1) You may look at the art traditionally, standing with your feet
slightly more than hip width apart, arms folded over chest, and
a puzzled look on your face, while assessing "This is Art, this is
not Art!"

2) You may participate in any of the activities to be found in
each room, and become an artist yourself, co-creating peace.

3) You may do the inquiry on the mass consciousness beliefs
that are offered for the specific theme of each room, or look at a
belief in your own consciousness, and harvest peace where there
was struggle. (The
Four Rooms of Belief/Be Leaf! are organized
around the Four Questions of the Work™ of Byron Katie.)

Most essential; forget everything you know, and have fun!

Enter Room/Question 1: Is it true? Theme: Sept. 11

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