Rules of the Game: You can choose to throw one or two dice.
Follow the directions for the number you got.
Play as often as you like.

1. Pick a Food Belief. If it is a thought you have had, buy it.
If not, pick a free Money Belief.
2. Pick a Sex Belief. If you are a woman, receive ¢25.
3. Buy a Sex Belief: for you, dahling, it's only a dime!
4. Buy multiple Sex Beliefs for ¢25 each, or go back to
playing number 1.
5. Give yourself a Truth Belief and experience it.
6. Pick a Sex Belief while thinking of someone else.
If it applies to you also, buy a Truth Belief for ¢25.
7. Buy 2 Money/Power Beliefs for the price of one.
8. Receive ¢25, and throw the dice again.
9. Buy a media Belief and share it with at least three people.
If you like the thought, pay ¢25, if you don't, ¢50.
10. Congratulations: You won the best Belief of the Game;
you are about to buy art!
11. Trade a Truth Belief with someone you don't know.
12. Name your price for two Beliefs of your choice or go
back to #9.