August 22 - September 14, 2002
Gallery Lombardi, Austin, TX.
About Belief/Be Leaf! 02

The theme "From Violence Into Peace" of this year's installation was dictated by the brutality of the world situation, and mirrored in a heart (mine) imprisoned by its desires for love, recognition and approval. The intention behind Belief/Be Leaf! is to create an art event from a mind that is no longer thinking in terms of the "more," in terms of having or becoming something through time. It thus allows the attainment and sharing of a state of true creativeness, i.e. of an inner beauty that is love.

Organized around the completeness of a Taichi, its yang side, "Belief", explores mind to promote insights and personal transformation, and does so through inquiry, games and artistic visions that produce a shift in viewpoints. The yin side is suggested in the flexibility of "Be Leaf!" as the tree that easily abandons anything that tempers with the beauty of the nature/artist's self.

This self lives in every one of us, free as source, full of joy, and radiant of generosity. Mi Casa y su casa! Such is the invitation, and the offering of each room, as a step towards the creation of an enlightened society. Please make yourself at home!

Mahalene Louis

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